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Berlin, Beirut, World

Empowering Change through Creative Exploration

Never Settle for Average

Welcome to Idea Department, where we’re all about supercharging your organization with amazing ideas!

Think of us as your external creative team, ready to help you think differently and grow bigger. Whether you’re a school, a business, or a non-profit, we’re here to give you that creative edge.

From brainstorming to strategy and putting plans into action, we do it all with a spirit of openness and honesty. We’re big on sharing ideas openly and working together to make every project shine.

Discovering Tomorrow’s Solutions

At Idea Department, we’re always exploring new ways to make the world a better, more responsible place. We team up with universities, think tanks, and other smart folks to create new, professional tools for all kinds of important projects. Our goal? To make good things happen, in a smart, sustainable way.

Join our Hub for Innovative Thinkers

Ready to be part of something exciting? Join our community of thinkers, dreamers, and doers! Sign up for our monthly newsletter “Ponder” and dive into a world of opportunities. Whether you’re prepping for a big meeting or rolling out a grand plan, we’re here to turn your ‘maybe someday’ into ‘yes, right now!'”

Never Settle For Average

We are a group of dedicated individuals and innovators. We carry with us more than 15 years of experience in strategy design and program development.
We are excited to support you in building your internal idea incubator, to conceptualize with your team,
to execute your dreams, and to co-create agile organizational systems.


Idea Department supports NGOs in getting to their Eureka moment! We facilitate ideation sessions allowing participants to immerse in the world of ideas, disregarding the challenges imposed by regulations and bureaucracy. The ideation phase supports individuals’ creativity and their willingness to change the world. One idea can shape the environment we live in. Through a meticulously guided process, we support organizations in discovering the potential of their team and mix that with external sparks.


Idea Department supports NGOs in implementing their project either through on-the-ground work or through the development of a thorough action plan. Our aim is to make your work and your event different and stand out. We propose creative methodologies and innovative approaches to un-conference your work and break organizationial routines.


dea Department supports NGOs in formulating their strategies. During this phase, we turn ideas into concrete and achievable goals taking into consideration the environment those ideas are flourishing in. Through a strategy workshop, we aim to answer where and how the project/organization should engage. As we embrace “Open Strategy” as a school of thought, we encourage to include participants from different departments and backgrounds to join. Based on the findings, Idea Department’s team develops a thorough strategy document, defining the organization’s next steps.


Your Product

Do you want to promote a new study? Do you need more focus on a specific topic? Do you want to re-engage with your community? Do you want to make people aware what you have to offer?

There are a million ways of making you stand out. Creativity sometimes only needs a spark or an external point of view.


Your own and hassle free “Idea Department”

How about adding a creative space to your institution/organization? Suddenly you have your extra department for a certain project! Independently from bureaucratic and institutional burdens and for a certain amount of time.